Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Puddle of Pink

Puddle of love. I melt into a puddle of love when I look at my new daughter. This has earned her the nickname Puddle, or Pud. She was born with a shock of black hair, a rosy complexion and delicate features. Like a typical mum, I think my daughter is the cutest.

Pud is even cuter when she's wearing an adorable outfit. Two weeks in and Pud has an impressive wardrobe. And that's why I've created this blog. With the birth of Pud, I've gone ga-ga for baby clothes. I like shopping for baby clothes, making baby clothes, receiving baby clothes and torturing Pud by dressing her up in baby clothes.

However, I don't love all baby clothes, there's a lot of it that I can't stand. I hope to rant about those clothes in subsequent posts and review the clothes that make me drool.  For now I'll just say, I love sophisticated but practical baby clothes that borrow trends from adult clothes and produce a stylish baby.

I feel the same way about children's clothes and in fact, inspiration for this blog came to me when I realized that the most fashion-forward person I saw on a recent trip to Italy was a four-year-old. She was wearing a pair of floral-printed Aladdin pants that blew my mind.  I wish I had taken a picture.

Here's Pud wondering if this blog is such a good idea...

Before we had Pud and knew she was a girl, we received a lot of gender-neutral baby clothes like the sleeper Pud is wearing here. I actually really like clothes that aren't specifically intended for girls or boys. They're refreshing.

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