Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY Roundup: dresses for the novice seamstress

Ease into your new hobby by trying one of these four simple sewing projects.

Popover sundress (free) - If you haven't checked out the vintage-inspired patterns at Oliver + S, do it now. Their patterns fill me up with the same wholesome goodness that a steaming bowl of steel-cut oats does on a Sunday morning. If you're new to sewing though, the complexity of their patterns can be a little daunting. If you know how to sew a yoke, dive right into some of their more complicated dress patterns.

If you don't, the popover sundress pattern is for you. It's a simple pattern for a care-free summertime dress.  I'm just about to start this dress for the Project HOPE Art homemade dress drive.

Easy bubble dress (free) - What makes this Me Sew Crazy dress simple, is that it's really a bubble skirt attached to a onesie or a t-shirt. This project could be completed in the space of a nap and really improve a boring old top. 

Tiered ruffled dress (free) - This fun party dress by Mama Says Sew is similar to the pattern above. It's a homemade skirt attached to a store-bought shirt. I included it here to prove even simple patterns, using ready-made materials, can produce fancy results.

Pocket dress (US$5.95) - I've already featured one of my fav designers, Sophie McCurley of too sweets but I thought I would showcase her again because her patterns are so accessible. This cute playdate dress is simple to make because of the elastic neckline. No zippers, no buttons, no snaps, no problem!. This makes it both easy to make and easy to get on your kid.

Yes, it has pockets, which could be a little daunting to the novice seamstress. But if you can sew a curved-line, you can sew a pocket. 

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