Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kate creates baby magic

If you're a friend of Kate from K8kre8s and you get yourself pregnant, you know you've got a wicked handmade baby gift coming your way. 

Recently I spoke with this craft master to find out what lights her fire.

Who: Kate Saunders

Where: Vancouver, BC

What: She sews, quilts, spins, crochets knits, screenprints, basket weaves, cuts lino.

She also does free-motion embroidery (I'd like to see that in action), paper crafts, multi-media art pieces, encaustic, ceramics... just to name a few things (!). Here's a sample from her Flckr page.

Q. Where do you find inspiration?

A. I'm inspired by so many little things in the world around me; the reflection of the sky in a puddle (italics mine), the colour of new baby leaves, a song on the radio that makes me tap my thumbs on the wheel, and of course all the artists and crafters whose creativity seems to be one step ahead of me.

Q. What are you making right now?

A. I *should* be sewing a quilt for my baby niece who's coming in June, but right now I'm distracted by short little skirts I can wear dancing. I'm trying to bust through my stash or jersey fabric because it's getting out of hand and as usual there are at least 10 abandoned projects tucked somewhere in my studio room. Next up is something with ruffles...

Q. Ever had to post something on Regretsy?

A. No, but I have definitely laughed hysterically at what other people have posted!

Q. What's your favourite hand-made baby shower gift?

A. That's a tough question, I like to make personalized gifts based on my friendship with the receiving parents, so they're always different. I do think there is something particularly satisfying about giving someone a handmade quilt.

Wanna see what Kate creates? I asked her to show us a few of her favourite baby gifts.

Simple Baby Kimono (pattern from Habitual)

Robeez Knock-offs (pattern from Michael Miller Fabrics)

I've made these with all kinds of scrap bits of fabric and leather. These ones were for my niece Ellie, made out of the sleeve of her mom's old suede coat. I used to be intimidated to sew leather, but then I got a leather sewing machine needle and some thin leather and I've been hooked ever since.

Super soft baby quilt

Kate: I've personally decided to break the "rules" of quilting and essentially made a few cotton fronts with super soft minkie fabric on the back. I think it makes for a nice cozy blanket for baby, and whips up in a weekend just in time for the baby shower!

Here's the quilt in baby Lucie's nursery. Lucie's mum is Cait from The Nesting Journal

And here's baby Eden loving her super soft baby quilt.

Bike love mini quilt


nesting journal said...

gotta love me some kate saunders. she is the crafty of all peops. need to give that hen a shout and get sewin some more

Stephanie Hawkins said...

well, i would love to join your craft dates and whip up something special!