Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby hair clips giveaway winner

Thank you all for entering my baby hair clips giveaway contest. I have really enjoyed reading your comments and getting to know my readers just a little bit more.

One thing that seems true, baby hair patterns don't necessarily indicate what your hair will be like as an adult. Phew! Right? (I wonder what that means for Puddle?)

Ok, now the good stuff.

I used a true random number generator to pick the lucky winner.

So the winner is...


Sarah said...
I had hair as a baby. It was dark and about an inch and a half long.


Congratulations Sarah! I'll email you to find out where I need to send the clips! Have a great day!

Thank you all for entering. Stay tuned, I'll host another giveaway soon.

Programming note: there were only 34 comments (not 35), as I didn't count the 1 comment that was deleted.

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