Thursday, May 17, 2012

In search of Dr Spock

I've been trying to find white, leather t-strap sandals for Puddle. Like the old-fashioned kind.

I like Footmates. Here's the Danielle and the Shelly. Wholesome-cuteness.

Puddle is starting to stand now and will be walking soon. I figured these would be the perfect summer shoe to learn how to run through the grass.

I mentioned this to my Granny on a recent visit with her.

She told me how when my mum and aunt were babies, every three months, she took them to a special cobbler, called, not surprisingly, Kiddie Kobbler. There they had their feet measured and shoes made. The shoes were white, leather, with t-straps or laces.

Here's my mum enjoying her shoes.

This was perscribed by Dr. Spock. Which I found interesting. I've been hearing about Dr. Spock for years, and sort of had mixed feelings about some of things he advocated.

But here I am, looking for a pair of strong, sturdy Dr. Spock shoes. The Kiddie Kobbler is still open. I guess I'll head there.

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