Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cool for the summer

We had an amazing spell of sunshine in Vancouver last week.

The summer time conditions got me thinking. What does Puddle need to stay cool this summer?

Here are three fashion must-haves to enjoy the summer with your baby or toddler.

1. The right shoes

Summer time means jumping off of rocks with barnacles and running through the sprinkler. Thank god Native made the appropriate shoes. Actually, thank god they made these for toddlers.

Basically, Native makes super light-weight, slip-on, durable shoes that are styled after chuck taylors, Vans, loafers, Top-Siders, Toms. You get the picture. Iconic shoes made over.

Fun factoid: these guys are from Vancouver.

2. The right hat

Humans are nothing but a jumble of contradictions.

I mean, take sun hats for example. I slather La Roche-Posay SPF 60 on my face each day and something similarly as expensive on Puddle's. I want my face, and her face, to be as smooth and blotch-free as a 45-year-old on the Real Housewives.

But I hate practical sun hats! Specifically that silly one with the back neck piece that makes kids look like British people "discovering" the Middle East.

Enter the bonnet.

I love bonnets! You know that. They give me the warm-fuzzies in a Laura-Ingalls-kind-of-way.

And UB2 makes the best baby bonnet. They're modern, reversible, and get this, they make bonnets for BOYS.

Yes, I actually acknowledged the existence of the other gender on this blog.

3. The right suit

This isn't very parent-y of me, but I also hate cover-up swimwear. You know, wet suits for babies that protect them from the sun? And hide their adorably cute bathing suits.

While hunting around for an impractical bathing suit for Puddle, I discovered Janie and Jack. Gold mine!

I love that the majority of their suits for girls are NOT pink (Hanna Anderson on the other hand...).

I should admit however, I was pretty impressed with the cover-up suits from Baby Gap. These protect baby from the sun with a touch of glamour.

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