Friday, April 20, 2012

DIY Roundup: summer accessories for baby

I don't want to freak you out. But we need to start sewing for summer. There are a lot of things to make if we want our babies to be well equipped and looking cute. Let's start with summer accessories.

Peekaboo Bonnet ($10.00 US) - Thanks to Made By Rae, we can protect our babies from harmful UV rays with this delightful bonnet. Bonus: it's reversible!

I want to make one for Puddle and one for myself. Then we can play Little House. She can be baby Carrie and I'll be Laura!

Sun hat (free) - If you dont want to stuff a bonnet on your boys head, you can make a regular sun hat. I picked this pattern by Prudent Baby because it looks easy and it's free. Also, I love the button-on-top detail.

If you don't own a serger, I recommend making this hat with the lining seam facing inwards so it is hidden.

Peep-toed shoes ($4.50 US) - If you have peep-toed shoes for yourself, you need a pair for your baby girl. And why not make them? Little Shoes Pattern makes exquisite shoe patterns for baby boys and girls. Start a drool-fest and make a pair to match that bonnet.

Swim diaper (free) - If you can get a hold of the right fabrics, you might want to make a few swim diapers for your minnow. We bought a swim diaper and it is u-g-l-y. Plus, if you make this diaper, you get to use fold over elastic (FOE), which just might Change Your Life.

I love this pattern tutorial, featured by Sew Mama Sew and made by Samantha from Little Comet Tails, because it demonstrates how to make pull-up and snap-on diapers.

Ruffle diaper cover ($8.00 US) - On a hot summer day, who wants to wear clothes? Not your baby, right? Well, if your baby can't go naked, the next best thing is to wear a colourful diaper cover. Remove the ruffles for him... or not! Who cares!

There are a lot of diaper cover patterns out there. I picked this PDF pattern for the opportunity to feature the designer, Tie Dye Diva. The Tie Dye Diva Etsy shop sells easy, delightful patterns for baby bloomers, dresses, rompers...basically the stuff I live for.


baby hats said...

I am so crazy for about make a sun hat. This yellow cap is looking so cute and i like the button on top. Everything is perfect in this article.

Anonymous said...

wow! Ill try it! Lo intentare... que gusto encontrar este blog! nice to find this blog! No estaba buscando esto pero que bueno! thanks for sharing (sorry about my poor english) Saludos desde Acapulco beach, Mexico, Elissa