Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spend more, buy less

Last week I went to Joe Fresh to buy a couple of onesies for Puddle. I left the store with what I needed, but also a pang of guilt.

How much could a person earn for sewing a onesie that will be sold for $5? What impact does buying cheaply manufactured clothing have on the people making the stuff?

I know we're all part of a system larger, and more troubling, than simply the connection between our desire for cheap but trendy clothing and the quality of life of the seamstress making it. But the tension between the two does not sit well with me.

That's why I like children clothes designer, Flora and Henri. Their stuff is expensive, but here's why.

Flora and Henri are attempting to bridge that connection between consumer and maker. They invest profits directly into the communities of the people making their clothes. They support working practices that foster sustainability and independence.

And what's really cool, is they tell you who made the item you're buying.

Do I need to mention that their clothes are gorgeous? Retro, classic , sweet. Totally French.

             And their photo-styling is simple but whimsical.


nesting journal said...

i want the bateau stripes and little white lamb!

jonalsharp said...

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andrew josheph said...

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