Thursday, April 12, 2012

A step in the wrong direction

I try to be positive on this blog. I try to focus on discussing things I like, and avoid discussing things I don't. Why? Well, probably because I'm afraid I'll offend someone.

Well, enough of being a good girl. While online shopping browsing for shoes for Puddle, I had the misfortune of coming across a few atrocities that I could not ignore.

Exhibit A: sock shoes

These are called Jazzy Toes. Even their name irritates me. With so many amazing options in the footwear department, why would I put pretend shoes on my baby? This is an example of practicality trumping good taste.

Jazzy Toes come in an assortment of designs. The most offensive being the flip flop sock. Wrap your head around that doozy. To make these uglier, they've added a dump truck. Because that makes sense.

Sorry to anyone who uses these. I won't judge you if I see your kid wearing them. I'll assume they were a gift.

Exhibit B: Maryjane rainboot

What the f*ck are these? They remind me of the tuxedo t-shirt. Except these are not ironic.

You can't dress up a rainboot and pretend it's something fancy like a black patent Maryjane. Girl stuff doesn't always have to be girly. Let rainboots be rainboots. Leave the classics alone.

Exhibit C: ballet flats on acid

Want to make your colicky kid scream harder? Want to experience that 1st trimester nausea again? Want to make your husband leave you? Put these little retina burners on your kid's feet.

Ok, I'll shut up now.


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! So so agree re: the show socks... why???? Min

nesting journal said...

you nailed it. these are like sketchers for kids... only worse. no offense to anyone out there!

krista schultz said...