Thursday, August 11, 2011

A drawer of serenity

After Pud was born we received many beautiful gifts of clothing, most of it for when she's a bit older.  I tried to organize the clothing according to the months it was intended for but quickly realized baby clothes sizes are not standardized. One sleeper intended for a 3-6 month old baby fit her at 4 weeks, while another looked like it wouldn't fit her for another 6 months.

Quickly overwhelmed by the amount of gifts of clothing we received I ended up stuffing most them into the bottom drawer of her dresser. I planned to pull out an item of clothing as it fit her and integrate it into her current rotation of clothing.

But that drawer started to haunt me. What if I forgot to pull out an outfit when it was ready to wear and Pud never wore it?

So this morning while Pud took a morning nap I decided to tackle the drawer. I figured there was no point in organizing the clothing according to the months it was sized for. Instead I organized the clothes into groups according to their length. Items that had the same length from shoulder to crotch were grouped together. I found that I could easily clump most of the clothes into three groups.

Now, as she gets bigger, I can just migrate the next group of clothing up a few drawers into her current rotation of clothes. And to avoid her any drawers becoming too packed, as soon as a piece of clothing is too small, I pull it out of her dresser and stuff into a storage bag, again, according to shoulder to crotch length.

Ah, serenity.

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