Friday, August 5, 2011

The bride, and Pud, wore white

Our close friends Kora and Will are getting married today. And I want Puddle to wear something that is fancy enough to suit the venue - a beautiful old heritage home - and that will fit her properly. I find that fit is critical in making baby clothes look good. If a dress is too big, it just bunches and floats around the baby, losing its style.

Luckily I had an opportunity to dash off to H&M. H&M designs fashionable - and usually functional - baby and children's clothes at cheap prices. Unfortunately the day I went they didn't have a lot of dresses in stock that would fit a six week-old. The only dress that would fit Pud was cute, but not as fancy as I would have liked, it was basically a onesie with tutu ruffles around the waist.  And it was white. At six weeks-old and at her first wedding, Pud broke wedding etiquette and wore white to a wedding.

H&M white, onesie, tutu-dress $14.99. I chose long sleeves so that if the weather turned cold, we didn't have to wrap Pud up, covering her pretty dress.

We also took Puddle to the rehearsal dinner last night. Luckily, I had one dress tucked away that would fit her - a dress of mine!

I love vintage baby clothing. It's so different from the clothing babies wear now, beautiful detailing, finer materials, and lots of influence from adult fashion trends. This dress has matching leggings that were too big for Pud so I made sure she wore a white cloth diaper. One great advantage to cloth diapers is that because they're made of cloth, they don't have to be covered up like disposables do. In fact, cloth diapers can be incorporated into an outfit!

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