Saturday, January 28, 2012

My people

I discovered the online shopping site, zulily, and a whole new world has opened up.

Zulily sells stylish baby and kid's clothes at a discount of up to 70% off. The catch being, zulily only features a brand for a few days, sort of like Groupon or LivingSocial. Once the sale is over, that brand is gone, and possibly an opportunity to get expensive clothes at a great price.

My favourite thing about zulily, besides being easy to browse, is I am discovering clothing brands that I wouldn't normally come across, including obscure and specialized brands (some testing the boundaries of good taste).

And what I've discovered is that I'm not the only mum who has a fetish for smocked dresses and rompers. I've finally found my people. And my people speak a whole language that I barely understand, bodysuits, bishop dresses, lawn! Don't be dissuaded though, zulily carries a lot normal stuff too.

Below are some of my favourites.

 Classy Couture gingham sun-suit, on sale for $32.53

 Classy Couture boy's gingham romper, on sale for $43.37

Classy Couture bubble romper, on sale for $43.37
Hug Me First bishop dress, on sale for $44.58
(I couldn't resist this gem, it should arrive in the mail any day)

Hug Me First bodysuit, on sale for $39.76

Hug Me First crochet bubble romper, on sale for $42.17

Rosalina bishop dress, on sale for $34.94

Rosalina snail bishop dress, on sale for $33.73

Timeless Treasures bubble bodysuit, on sale for $39.06
(I would have bought this but I missed the sale) 

Note: I was unable to find website URLs for Classy Couture and Timeless Treasures

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