Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three generations, one dress

When my mum was in grade 12 she made a dress for her potential future daughter. This was the 1960's, naturally, the dress was A-line and short.

She kept that dress stored away until she had me, over ten years later.

Here is a picture of me wearing the dress, along with my mum and my older brother

After I grew out of it, my mum packed away the dress in a suitcase for future daughters and the next generation.

No other daughters came and Puddle was the next eligible suitor. When Puddle grew big enough, the dress became hers.

Here is a picture of my mum and I recreating the original (above) photo. Sorry Jeff, mum took your place...


nestingjournal said...

what a great family heirloom. So neat to pass it along. I love the photo recreation.

Melissa R. Boland said...

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