Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cloth diaper diary @ 4 weeks

Diapers drying on the line at our cabin on Texada Island.

Short Version: Pud is 4-weeks-old and so far we still like using cloth diapers just as much as we did in the beginning.

Washing and caring for the diapers has been fairly straightforward. This is partly because her poos are so liquid that we don't need to remove any solid bits. We take the soiled diaper off of Pud and toss it directly into a bucket (with a lid). Every other day I empty the bucket of soiled of diapers into the washing machine, followed by the dryer. Our dryer doesn't always get the thick padding completely dry. On those days, I hang the diapers to dry on a clothing rack on our porch (or on the line if we're at our cabin).

I thought doing an extra load of laundry every two days would be really annoying while I was trying to care for a new baby, but so far I barely think about it. That the nursery is about two steps from the laundry machines, helps.

The recommended washing process for the diapers (cold rinse, followed by a hot wash) really does work. The diapers come out smelling fresh and looking clean. 

We bought Easyfit All-in-One diapers. That means the diapers can be adjusted, with snaps, to different sizes, thereby eliminating the need to buy multiple sizes. I thought there would be no way that the diapers would fit a newborn properly. I was sure we would be dealing with major leakage. But no, when formatted to their smallest size, the diapers fit. And the Velcro closures allow us to make the diaper fit very snugly around her waist.

We've had a few leaks. But after experimenting with disposable diapers at night, I discovered that even disposables are not 100% leak-proof. To deal with the leaks I've been a little more vigilant about changing her diaper during the night. If the leaks were to become significant, I could insert an extra pad into her diaper. Having the option to make diapers more absorbent is a nice feature of cloth diapers.

Pud has developed a bit of diaper rash. Cloth diapers have the reputation of not wicking away moisture as well as disposables, causing diaper rash. But dealing with diaper rash has also been fairly easy. Ointments containing zinc-oxide damage the absorbency of cloth diapers, so I don't use those. Instead I use a calendula-based ointment, Bum Bum Balm. It's organic and 100% natural, which is nice. But it also works. I also try to give Pud naked time every couple of days to dry out her bum.

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