Sunday, July 24, 2011

Head gear

I guess I don't know myself as well as my friends, and mum, do.

Pud was born not long after the Royal Wedding. They hype surrounding the fascinators of the royal guests inspired my mum to buy a piece of head wear for Puddle.

Photo credit: Olive&Ash Photography

Before I had Puddle I scoffed at such obvious indicators of a baby's gender. Headbands seemed to shout out GIRL BABY and were exclusively for those parents concerned that there daughters lack of hair might confuse people into thinking she was a boy. Gasp!

But the second my mum slipped on that pink-flowered "fascinator" my opposition to baby headbands melted away. I think she looks hysterically adorable. Turns out most of friends were not surprised by my reaction. They always figured me for a headband-loving parent.

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