Friday, August 19, 2011

Another sleepless night as a new mum

I had a terrible sleep last night. When Puddle woke up this morning at 7:30am bright-eyed, I felt vaguely sick to my stomach. She had a great sleep, she slept in two five-hour chunks.

So then why didn't I sleep?

I couldn't stop thinking about all of the clothes I want to sew for Pud! Patterns, fabrics, ideas, colours were racing through my mind as I tried to fall asleep. Should I make legging for her or buy them at H&M for $5? Does she look better in dark rosey-pink or light? What size patterns should I buy? Can I make my own patterns? Will fabric stores have what I'm looking for? Should I buy fabric online? What if I make something and then hate it?

I had made the mistake of trolling Etsy before bed, looking at baby clothes, trying to get ideas to build Pud's wardrobe (go ahead, laugh). I found a lot of the clothes were a little too prissy for Pud, too pink. And then there were a lot of clothes were a little too granola, not stylish enough.

But then I came across Heidi&Finn. Simple, pretty, modern. And grey! Lots of grey! Babies can't see themselves, they don't need to wear bright colours. We have to look at them, they should wear soft colours that are easy on our tired eyes: ecru, oatmeal, eggshell, rose, sand.

The patterns that I loved the most, and will probably buy, are

The plan I worked out last night is to start with these patterns, they're the most appropriate for a baby (pieces, like the Cowl Neck Jumper, will have to wait until she's a little older). And because these pieces are a little summery, I'll buy (or make?) leggings and tights that can be worn, along with white, long-sleeved onesies, under the dresses.

I'll spend tonight thinking about what fabrics to buy...

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