Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kimono snap

We all have those times when you're just about to change your kid's clothes and she gives a look that says, "if you pull one more onesie over my head I'm going to make you wish you weren't a parent". Well, on those days I make sure to dress Pud in a kimono onesie.

When Pud was born we received two of the Jacadi kimono onesies pictured below (I'll discuss how beautiful Jacadi clothing is in another post). I avoided using them at first because I couldn't make out how they snapped together. They reminded me of those annoying brain-teaser puzzles my older brother gets in his stocking every year. But then, after I started to emerge from my post-delivery haze, I remembered that one time, a few years ago, when I solved a Christmas brain-teaser all by myself. And so I tried the kimono onesie and I haven't looked back since.

Do yourself a favour, go buy some kimono onesies. And when your best friend has a baby, pass them along to her.

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