Friday, September 16, 2011

A new take on an old shirt

If you've got a big bag of old clothing waiting to be taken to the Salvation Army, hold-on. That big ol' bag is basically a bag of fabric just waiting to be upcycled into something clever and adorable for your baby.

Yesterday I was cleaning out my closet and came across a few gems. I'll let you know what I create.

Knit long-sleeved t-shirt

Knit tank

Polyester ruffled, sleeveless top

Cotton and silk top
Cotton dress (I know...ugh)

You can either take apart your old garments completely and use the fabric to make something new. Or, you can put in a few seams here, a few tucks there and upcycle your garment into something baby-sized.

Here are a few ideas:

Made By Rae's Baby Tights (I'm in the process of making these...very simple!)

elsie marley's Shirred Checkered Shirt

Handmade Baby Clothes' Sleep Sack

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