Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The September issue

The only good thing about the end of summer is that it heralds fall fashion. And while I enjoy prancing around half-clad for a few months, I much prefer covering up in arguably the best season's fashions.

And...surprise!, I prefer fall fashion over summer fashion for babies too.

So what are the big trends in baby clothing for fall 2011?

Chunky Knits
Make your baby even more cuddly by wrapping her up in a chunky knit sweater.

Retro Chic
Mad Men has left an indefatigable mark on the fashion world, and baby fashion has not been spared.

How do you start the fall season without a new pair of jeans?

Denim, of course, has a strong presence this season, notably dark blue denim. Look for dark denim rompers, jackets, skirts, and jeans. Luckily these days, jeans can be made with a little stretch, making them just as comfortable and practical as leggings.

Sailor Stripes
Horizontal stripes are continuing their march around the 2011 calendar and into fall. Although typically a spring look, sailor stripes have been reinvented for fall using this season's most important colours.

Soft florals, including my favourites, light rose and dark rose are popular this season along with the fall classic, gold. Look for mustard knits and dark gold linen to add texture and variety to your baby's wardrobe.

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