Monday, September 5, 2011

Zip n' go

When I was pregnant with Pud, and didn't know she was a girl, a friend passed along a bag of gender-neutral baby clothing. The bag was full of the usual stuff, except for one thing, a tiny, pink sleeper.

"It doesn't matter if you have a boy, "she said when I saw the sleeper, "you'll need this."

Kushies It's My Planet 2 pink, preemie sleeper

She was right. We used that sleeper everyday for the first two weeks. If Pud had been a boy, we would have used that sleeper everyday for the first two weeks.

Why? First of all it was the only sleeper that properly fit her. Her feet went into the little feet parts, and her hands went into the little hand parts. The sleeper didn't bunch up around her face - a fear for a new parent who is constantly asking, "is she breathing?"

Nobody ever wants to give you the teeny-tiny clothes because they won't get used for long. But the truth is, if the item is practical, it will be worn everyday until it no longer fits. And infants wear sleepers all day long because most parents (even me!) don't have the energy to dress them in cute little outfits.

The second reason, and the most heavenly, is the tiny, pink sleeper had a zipper! (Don't freak out, the zippered area was properly constructed so no little baby parts would not get zipped up.) Changing Pud in the middle of the night when she was wearing her tiny, pink sleeper meant I never had to fully wake up to fiddle with the snaps. And you know how I feel about snaps...

If you're pregnant and don't have a tiny sleeper, go to a second-hand shop, go through your friend's boxes of baby clothing, just get yourself a really small sleeper. And never mind the colour.

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