Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cloth diaper diary @ 3 months

Short version: A few vacations provided a nice reprieve from all of that diaper washing and cloth doublers are needed for night time absorbency.

We've taken a few trips over the last month during which we used disposables when we weren't sure if we would have access to a washing machine. We also used disposables when we had long car trips - nobody wanted to sit in the car with ripe diapers AND a crying baby. I enjoyed the vacation from washing diapers but didn't enjoy shelling out my precious moolah for disposables.

We now have Puddle on the second snap of the diapers (she's a big girl). This means we only have one more size to go after which, she'll be too big for her diapers. I'm a little worried she'll grow out grow the diapers before she is potty-trained. On the other hand, we might be might be more motivated to get her out of diapers and onto the toilet!

This past month Pud has had a few major leaks while wearing the cloth diapers. The majority of leaks have happened in the early morning most likely because I was too tired to change her diaper during the night. But she's also leaked out the top of her diapers during the day if she's had a big pee. That she hasn't leaked out the leg opening of her diapers is a testament to how well designed Tots Bots are.

Now is the time to start exploring the world of extra inserts, or doublers, to increase the absorbency of the diaper. I bought a package of Bummis fleece doublers on the recommendation of the store clerk at Room for 2 Maternity & Baby. Does anybody else have any experience with other types of doublers?

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