Wednesday, October 26, 2011

From Sweden with love

Pud received a very cute purple, striped Hanna Anderson dress when she was born. I had never heard of Hanna Anderson before I became a mum but I'm a convert now! HA clothing is brightly-coloured, well-made, and baby-friendly. Puddle wears her HA dress whenever she can.

And it turns out her good friend Lucie is a Hanna Anderson fan as well! Here's Lucie playing in her HA dress.

When we received the Hanna Anderson catalogue in the mail on the same day that we saw Lucie in her HA dress, it occurred to me that I should blog about HA here so other people can share in on the love.

Now, I should say, my husband was a little put off by the HA catalogue because the back cover featured an entire family (dad included) wearing matching Christmas long-john pajamas (check out the website). But don't be deterred, they're Swedish, they've got common sense. They don't really expect whole families to dress alike :)

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