Thursday, November 3, 2011

A slice of le ciel

We received a gift for Puddle a few days ago. I was thrilled when I read the label on the box.

Inside was an adorable pink sleeper.

The front of the sleeper is unmarred by zippers or snaps. Check out the opening on the back.

Update: It's so easy to change Pud's diaper in the middle of the night when she's wearing this sleeper!

With baby on her back, you simply slip your hand beneath her and unsnap the bum panel with one tug. Then you pull the feet of the sleeper and the entire bottom slips off baby. Normally I hate changing a diaper in the middle of the night because it really wakes me up. Not when she's wearing this sleeper. I think I did it in my sleep.

If Jacadi wasn't so expensive I would recommend you go get yourself one.  Instead I'll recommend that other companies design their sleepers this way.

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