Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cloth diaper diary @ 4 months

Short version: Now that we have night-time absorbency figured out, we're all happy diaper-campers.

Washing and caring for the diapers continues to be a no-brainer. Discovering the Bummis resource that lists which detergents are safe for cloth diapers was a big help when we ran out of our Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent. We're now happily using Nellie's (we couldn't find Rockin' Green anywhere for sale in Vancouver. We didn't look that hard.).

They still fit.

Last month we struggled a bit with night-time absorbency. Five hours into the night, her diapers were leaking pee and poo all over her sleeper and sleep sac, which was not fun to clean up at 12am. I tried adding a fleece liner but it didn't increase the absorbency at all. Then I figured out that liners don't increase absorbency, rather they wick away moisture from the skin, allowing a wet diaper to be worn longer. Another trip to Room for 2 Baby and Maternity and the problem was solved. The lovely folks there sold me cotton doublers, or inserts, to increase the absorbency. So now Puddle wears a cloth diaper with a cotton doubler and a fleece liner and mummy doesn't have to change her diaper until much deeper in to the night.

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