Monday, January 9, 2012

Cloth diaper diary @ 6 months

Short version: That I have nothing of interest to report is testament to the quality of the Tots Bots diapers and simplicity of cloth diapering.

Puddle is now eating the occasional tablespoon of pureed veggies, it's not enough to change the consistency of her poo. The spray hose is still waiting to be used. Washing diapers could still be done by a trained monkey.

They still fit on the second snap (there's three) despite Puddle's impressive size. At 6 months she's 18 lbs.

With boosters and liners, the diapers still last through the night. During the day, without the extra absorbency the diapers last around 3 hours. We haven't had a major leak in months.

Programming note: I am putting the cloth diaper diary on hold until Puddle really starts eating solids and the experience of cloth diaper changes. 

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