Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A peaceful sleep for mummy

If you swaddle your baby in order to soothe her to sleep then you should consider getting your baby a Halo SleepSack, a combined sleep sac and swaddling blanket.

Why not just use a blanket to swaddle your baby? Blankets can become loose during the night and gather around your baby's face increasing the risk of suffocation. The swaddling wings of the Halo SleepSack velcro together reducing the amount of free flowing fabric.

Doesn't she look cozy and safe?

The SleepSack also allows you to more easily transition away from swaddling to just using a sleep sac. We slowly stopped using the swaddling wings of the SleepSack as Puddle required less and less soothing at night. Until she grew out of the sac, she slept in it every night wearing only a sleeper.

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