Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Puddle love

Valentine's Day gave Puddle an opportunity to wear a few dresses that haven't seen a lot of action recently.

The dress below is from Bangladesh. Puddle's uncle Dan brought back from Dahka. What could be more of an interesting souvenir than baby clothes?

Here's Puddle wearing a plaid jumper from her Nonna. The heart-shaped buttons made it perfect for Valentine's day.

Origin of the dress unknown, but the label did say the dress would fit a 6-12 month old. This struck me as the most honest size label I've ever seen. Basically the makers have no idea when it will fit your baby.

Here's Puddle in a red corduroy dress, tired of all of the costume changes. A feature of this dress is the tie back. A tie in the back, which cinches the waist, turns a big dress into a small one. This sort of adjustablity makes this type of dress a great gift. Puddle has been wearing it since last October.

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