Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wee love (in honour of V-day)

Inspiration, I've found you.

Wow, CharmStitch's Laura Bednash's board on Pinterest is stacked with classic, clever, sweet children's clothes. If she keeps it updated, I'll no longer have to troll the Internet for hidden gems. Which makes me wonder, is Pinterest for the time-starved or lazy?

Below are a few treasures Laura has pinned. She's annotated some of her pins with suggestions on how to adapt a pattern to make make the coveted clothes yourself. That's my kind of thinking.

For you fellow voyeurs out there, also check out elsie marley on Pinterest. All I can think is, Puddle, grow up already! We've got a lot of clothes to try on!

1 comment:

Laura Bednash said...

Aww, just saw your sweet post about my board. Thanks so much, Stephanie!