Monday, March 5, 2012

Measure once, cut twice

That's how that saying goes right? Wrong.

Remember how I said I was going to make Puddle a Tea Collection-inspired romper?

This is what happened (excuse the horrendous pictures, there hasn't been much natural light in our apartment lately).

Using a pattern that I made last fall (red flag) from Made By Rae's pant tutorial and the ruffled-sleeve top pattern I bought from Heidi&Finn I stitched together a very cute romper.

Before I finished the pant hem, I had Puddle try it on.

The top fit, in fact it was a bit roomy. But whoops! the pant legs didn't have a hope in hell of snapping together. Her legs were too chubby, her bum too big.

To hide my shame, I didn't take a picture. Instead I took out my shears.

And voila! Puddle had a fabulous new tunic top from Heidi&Finn.

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